Thursday, October 21, 2010

Writing Assignment--Due October 29th

Writing Assignment
AP English

Length: Two pages, typed, 14 font maximum.

Possible topics:

Gatsby’s character, its ambiguity, greatness, weaknesses.

Plot: the seasonal changes, the house of Gatsby.

Analysis of chapter, scene, and its meaning within the novel as a whole.

Stylistic analysis of a single passage, its meaning within the novel as a whole.

Daisy’s character, imagery and tone and meaning.

The last chapter: Imagery and Final Impressions

Significance of the Green Light

Nick as Narrator: Virtues and Limitations


You must have a thesis in your opening paragraph. If all you have is a series of factual statements in the opening of your paper, I will stop reading it and return it to you for revision.

To insure this, I want you to italicize your thesis-sentence in your final draft to me.

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