Monday, August 30, 2010

Second Keats' Letter to John Taylor June 11 1820

My dear Taylor,

In reading over the proof of St. Agnes' Eve since I left Fleet street I was struck with what appears to me an alteration in the 7th Stanza very much for the worse the passage I mean stands thus

"her maiden eyes incline Still on the floor, while many a sweeping train Pass by--"

Twas originally written

"her maiden eyes divine Fix'd on the floor saw many a sweeping train Pass by--

My meaning is quite destroyed in the alteration. I do not use train for concourse of passers by but for [Skits is crossed out by Keats] Skirts sweeping along the floor.

In the first Stanza my copy reads--2nd line

"bitter chill it was"

to avoid the echo cold in the next line.

ever yours sincerely
John Keats

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