Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Multiple-Choice Tips

•The Multiple Choice section makes up 45% of exam grade (Essay is 55%)
•You have 60 minutes to answer questions regarding 4-5 passages. That's 12-15 minutes per passage. Bring a watch to keep track of the time.
•Choose the passage that seems easiest to you. Choose a passage that seems hardest to you. Do the easy one first; save the hard one for last.
•You are not penalized for leaving a question blank. (In fact, don't be afraid to skip a passage entirely)
•You should aim to correctly answer 40-45 questions out of the 55 total questions.
•Since you can write on the test, when you come across an question you are unsure of, mark it, skip it and go back to it later. Remember, if you can answer 40-45 correctly, you can leave 10-15 unanswered.

from: http://englsh.wikispaces.com/Multiple+Choice+Review

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