Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writing Assignment

AP English
Writing Assignment
“The Cellist of Sarajevo”

For this paper I would like you to explore a central aspect of Steven Galloway’s “The Cellist of Sarajevo”. The paper should be typed, 4-5 pages in length, with a clearly defined thesis that is supported by specific references to the text and logical argumentation.

Some ideas:

1. Explore how the epithet from Trotsky relates to the novel as a whole.

2. Analyze how Galloway’s style relates to the themes of the novel.

3. Explore one or more main characters--the cellist, Arrow, Kenan, and Dragan--and see what motivates them, what conflicts them, what makes them struggle, what makes them despair and hope. Then relate this to the meaning of the novel as a whole.

4. Examine exactly what Galloway is claiming about the cellist. Why is the cellist doing what he does? What significance do each of the characters take away from this act? What does the author want you to take away from the reading of his novel?

5. What is the role of artistic beauty in the world today? Use as a major source of your argument this novel, whether you agree with its vision or not. If not, provide a critique of the novel, and your own answer.

Due Date: A week after the day we return.

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