Saturday, November 28, 2009

Questions for "Peace"

1. In what way is Marson the central character of the novel? Who is the next most important character? Why?

2. What does Marson mean by the "surround"? (p71) And then later on in the novel? (p.148)

3. Why does Glick's statement ("this is all one thing" p.6) echo later in the novel? (p. 151)

4. What, finally, is Peace in the novel? Where? See page 169.

5. How does Angelo develop as a character? (see page 84) Why does Bausch do this?

6. What does the incident on page 117 do for the plot? theme? characterization?

7. What role does Mario play in the novel?

8. Examine the novel's musings on God and the world. See page 47 to start.

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