Friday, August 14, 2009

"Indian Camp" Thesis

For this assignment, I want you to write a thesis for Hemingway's "Indian Camp". Remember the key elements of a thesis: 1) names the title and author, 2)identifies structural, i.e., language-based, characteristics, and 3)connects them to a major concept, i.e., theme, of the story.

In other words, the thesis connects structure--of plot, characters, imagery, tone, etc.--to what it all means for the reader.

Post, and comment on whose thesis you think works best, and why, based on the following rubric.


4: Complete understanding, 3: Developing understanding, 2: Some understanding, 1: No

Thesis statement contains the following components: 1) title and author, 2)identification of structural characteristics, 3)major theme of story

Thesis statement illustrates a grasp of story and author’s technique.

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